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This thread has gone through some changes over the years. 😃 Comms buttons are definitely a much better way to interact with the script now. And being limited to Comms gives that console more to do.

I have considered other ways for consoles to interact with a script. I think the best way would be a command that would add a button to the Upgrade screen. It could then be interacted with the same way you would an Upgrade. You would pick it up or "install" it on the ship after a scripted event, and then activate it with a button. The script could even remove the button for a one-time device, or display a timer on it to show how long it will last.

Maybe this will be a possibility in 3.0.
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Last time I discussed this with Thom he was thinking of making each console in 3.0 customizable and modular. Helm could move the throttle to another part of the screen, for example, and Comms could bring up the Main Screen controls. This would also allow a mission script to spawn a customized button or slider onto any console. I am not sure how this would work if the console had no available screen real estate.

Nevertheless, PC gamers seem to really like using keyboard controls. It would be awesome if the if_client_key feature worked.

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