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Update (28 Mar 2018): IAN 3.2.0 has been released!

IAN is an unofficial Java library for communicating with Artemis servers and clients.

Supports: Artemis v2.4.0
Requires: Java 1.6 or later

Latest release (v3.2.0): download and release notes

View the project on GitHub

Report a bug/request a feature/ask a question

What does it do?
IAN allows Java developers to write software that can communicate with stock Artemis servers and clients. With IAN, you can write custom clients, custom servers, and proxies. You can even extend the Artemis protocol!

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of software that is possible with IAN:
  • Create a fancy animated "Red Alert" screen like you see in Star Trek.
  • Write custom display readouts for your bridge (target data, starbase status, etc.).
  • Control the main screen with an Android phone mounted to your captain's chair, like the little screen Picard has on his.
  • Build custom bridge setups that are able to respond in ways DMX can't (such as communicating game events to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi)
  • Design an AI to play Artemis.
  • Create a custom admiral client that can send chat messages to all COMMs officers in the fleet and set waypoints that appear on their maps.
  • Write custom servers that support entirely new game modes. (For example, ditch the weapons and have a starship race!)
What's next for IAN?
Version 3.3.0 will bring support for Artemis 2.7.0.

I welcome your feedback on GitHub (or here in the forum if you don't have a GitHub account).
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