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My laptop's HD died a few days ago, so I lost all my precious folders, pictures, game datas, etc.

Of course, my 2.x Artemis installer was part of the lost, this is what brings me to you.

The FAQ says that no new link will be given if the original is lost, so I didn't send a message to the dev to ask a new one.

Fortunatelly, I have keep the original mails containing the temporal link in one, and the invoice in the other.

Could someone give me a copy of his installer, or if a developer comes here, tell me how to get one?

I'll do anything to prove my good faith!

Thank you in advance - please forgive my grammatical mistakes.


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Your best course of action would be to use the forum's email user function to email techbear, who is the dev. As it states no new link will be given, however, I'm not sure what the outcome will be.

You may want to consider the Steam version, where you pay only a few bucks for a single install. Plus, you'll have it keyed to your Steam account and you can reload it if this happens again.

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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