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i bought a copy of Artemis to play yesterday during the snowpocalypse. I donned my yellow command shirt and gathered my crew - 5 of my children ages 7 to 17 and my very patient wife. 

We ventured out in the TSN Borticus, making the sector safe for peace-loving life forms everywhere.

The crew:
My 17 year son on the helm- who only overshot our target about 80% of the time.
My 14 year old son in a medium fighter, the Ummingbird, he only fired on our ship once before he was swiftly corrected by my XO, engineering officer and lovely wife (who was in no mood to change into her short starfleet skirt and go-go boots).
My 11 year old son on the tactical station - only destroyed a ship once after it had surrendered
My 9 year old daughter on the Science station - reading out heading and distance for baddies everywhere, and helping us avoid nasty minefields and spacial anomalies. 
My 7 year old daughter on Comms - taunting with an unusual malevolent giggle, demanding surrender from all who would oppose us (I need to make sure she never has a command of her own, that could be very frightening). 
The above mentioned wife/XO and engineering officer, she kept everything running and was quick to ensure the crew follows the captains orders... even sometimes the captain. 

What did I learn? I'm not a very good captain yet - I need to keep the crew aware of what we are doing and issue timely orders to the various officers. 

We are a homeschool family - and hope at some point this game catches on with other homeschool families who a) tend to have a lot of kids to man their own crews b) frequently get together for group activities and have access to lots of computers. 

Thanks for creating a fun game for groups of friend and large families- we'll be going on many more missions in the future. 
Mike Substelny

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Your report sounds like you had an excellent experience!

For years I have mused to Thom that Artemis could be used for education beyond just team building. Crews could cross the galaxy collecting data on the space monsters in the game, then write reports on what they learned from their data. Of course students would not learn any real biology, but they would learn the scientific method and get experience writing science reports.

I wanted to do this for my summer camp, but it would work just as well for homeschoolers.

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Excellent!  I am torn between saying "Live long and prosper." OR "Crush you enemies and hear the lamentations of their women!"  

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