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"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Ronald Reagan
Speech to the 
UN, September 21st 1987


So I'm trying to pencil out a simple but realistic Sci-Fi history that leads to a Federation like united Humanity. Call it a thought experiment if you like. I can only see three ways of actually Uniting the Earth and it's peoples (with examples);

1:A common threat, as in Artemis's USFP and Enders Game.

2: A common cause, as in my idea for the Ximni to survive their toxic world and to find a cure for the Zombie virus.

3: By conquest, as in 40K's Emporium of Man.

That unites them for the short term but how about the long term? In Enders Game as soon as the buggers are out of the question humanity turns on itself. Conquest in some ways may be the most stable and easiest to achieve but you end up with a united humanity which is not really in the utopian direction I was hoping for.

Even in the USFP's time line there's a good 27 years without alien attack. What's to keep it together? What's to stop China from says "to hell with this we'll unlock the riches of the galaxy for ourselves", the US from annexing that oil rich planet or those rogue states for finally taking revenge on their foreign oppressors. 
Most sci-fi deals with this by destroying the earth to get it out of the picture or at least bringing it to the brink of destruction to wipe the slate clean, and that includes Star Trek. But is there another way?

Would the resource wealth unlocked by expansion into and beyond our solar system be enough to bind humanity together? Or would greed for those same riches tear it apart.

Does the bad blood just go too deep? Does nationalism and historic tensions need to be thought through to get it out of our "systems"? Does Earth have to nuke itself to bits? I thought about having the Stellar Fleet impose a peace on Earth but then that's more like solution number 3...

How can you consolidate all of the so different political
 and social systems into one? Is it even morally right to do that?

What do you think?

Fish Evans

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In 2016 The Great Collapse hit the United States of America, The economic might of the Beharmoth was broken like the British before and empire after empire have been right back to the greeks. China the Growing powerhouse of the time along with Russia, India and Brazil where set to become the new superpowers, and indeed had been making preparations for that for the preceding decade. However the old world order the European Union nations and the deeply hurt United States where not willing to simply let the shift in power happen to states that where not Democratic and as such pushed for more powers to be given to the UN, Eventual resulting in the United Nations having its own Standing Army.

The old and the new super powers looked out to the stars to save them as the growing populations of each nation stretched resources and the earths environment, the technology of the West met with the new Industrial might of the East, and whilst the events of 2032 when a limited Nuclear exchange between Iran and India almost pushed the Earth over the edge of total war the UN managed to keep the breaks on and so the first colonizations of the soulr system begain under the flag of the UN. In 2046 Efforts started on Terraforming mars an indever that quickly became a crash priority for fledgling Terran Alliance as space ran out. Much of the technology that was used to terraform mars was also used to help save earth, even so in 2076 The United Nations of Earth set forth that each person could only have two thirds of a child each. In 2093 The creation of a faster then light drive resulted in a new wave of exploration, with Mars still a century from being properly human habitable (total mars emigration beeing around 30 Million at this point) and civle unrest high over the draconian mesures the govenments on earth where having to instill on its populous the drive was rapidly perfected and the UN started to build a number of scout and arc ships using asteriolds that the growing space industry where starting to mine in bulk dubed the Terran Stellar Navy the principle task was to .............

2180 With the pressure of survival on earth easing and the former nations of earth haveing had to entwine themselves closely beecause earth is becoming a backwater in the Universe, Whilst still the most populaces system by far its economic strength is small compared with the fledgeling star empires, the former nations of earth are forced to come together under the Union of earth in order to keep up with the new colonys and the discovery of alien races make the differences between Genetic origin seem trivial, Black, White, Yellow and even red heads united in there new hatred of green.


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Its cool that you write it with out the whole slate cleaning war. At first I thought, there's no way colonies could ever match the production output of Earth with its already established infrastructural and population. But then I thought there is a precedent, The USA. Colonized later but thanks to heavy immigration and investment is now the dominant economy... At least for now [wink] .

I loved the bit about everyone only being allowed two thirds of a child! Inspired writing/concept. Did you mean each person or couple?

Just a couple of things.

1. Why didn't any one nation try and TAKE  the resources of the solar system for themselves? Resources and wealth can mend a lot of fences but does it stop greed, we deserve more than them, and what about deeper running hatreds, damn those ungodly heathans.
2. I liked that you did mention a small conflict that almost triggered a larger one. But to many countries war would be the easiest way to TAKE land and resources. At the very least it reduces your population.
3. Actually the "one child policy" in China isn't as bad as you think... Having said that I have two kids so... [wink]
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