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I bought Artemis for the iOS a while ago and never tried it.  I tried it at a recent CON, and even though I was thoroughly confused I though I would try to set it up for a game party tomorrow.   I update the iOS app its version is 2.1.1 FULL VERSION.

I want to have a version for the PC as the main display that can be hooked up to a big screen TV.  I downloaded the demo version which says it is 2.1.0 and when I tried to connect with my iOS app, it complained that the versions are not compatible.

I downloaded the Version 2.1.1 update installer.  I installed this and clicked on the "Play Artemis" and it gives me "Artemis.exe has stopped working".

So what is the procedure to get a PC artemis working with my iOS devices?  Can the demo work with iOS versions?  If I buy the steam version would that work?  Does the iOS versions support chromecast so I can use that to project to my TV? 

Thanks for helping a newbie


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since you have a license for Artemis, I'm sure that you will be allowed to obtain patches and copies of older versions from other members.

this thread suggests that in the future, you should save all your patch executables and installers and make installs to new folders to archive them

Since you do not have these, perhaps someone else will be willing to share theirs?

if you are wiling to wait (seems unlikely, since you state the party is tomorrow) you can apparently contact either Thorn or Lucas, who have previous versions archived.
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