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Hi, I have a question.

How can I calculate the power consumption of the ship in a minute?

I thought the amount in brackets indicated the energy consumption per second. But, I put all the systems at 127% and it consumes about 23 of my energy in a minute. Which does not correspond to the number of parentheses.

I tried to use:

But putting the systems at 127% marks a consumption of 110 in a minute, not even close to reality.

In the test I put:
Difficulty 1
Light Cruise
Coolant 1 in all systems
Impulse 0 (I'm stopped)

Any help?

Thanks a lot....


Mike Substelny

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I've never tried to do this but it seems like a good case for experimentation. I don't think the time units involved are seconds, and in fact you might need to multiply by some constant.

I do know that difficulty level affects energy consumption significantly.

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Any other help?
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