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See Topic - Assuming they vary could you give approximate length of the ones you are familiar with.

Also are there any that are particularly good / bad?

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They vary wildly depending on the script and how you play it.

There is a mass download that has a lot of them. I don't think they are rated but it really depends on what you want.

Why do you ask?

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I would say a typical mission lasts about thirty minutes. The "Canonical Battles" Mike Substelny wrote for Artemis Armada lasted about that long. When I played "Party Crashers" it didn't last quite that long, but that's because I goofed up and got killed quickly. [biggrin]

Some Sandbox missions can last for hours, though, since they don't really end until the GM wants them to end.
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It is hard to put a true figure on length of time. Some can last 20 minutes, others over an hour. I would speculate most last between 30-45 minutes, but to be perfectly honest, this is just a guess.

I wrote Guardians a while back (not currently up-to-date) and that could last an hour easily, depending on the ability of the crew. Sandbox scripts like the TSN Sandbox on the otherhand, will run indefinately. The only ways to end the TSN Sandbox for example is hitting the appropriate GM keys, ending through the server screen, or all player ships being destroyed (Artemis does sometimes love to crash too!). We have had that script run for up to 4 hours in the TSN RP Community without issue though. I believe this is the same with the other available Sandbox.

Really, with either of the available Sandboxes, mission length is down to the players and GM.

What kind of length are you looking for? Mission designers should be able to point you towards missions expected to last the length you need. If you also know the experience level of the crew (what level solo game they can handle for example) it would be useful, though not essential, so people can recommend missions.

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