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I mean, there's 19 tracks. Is there some sort of defined order and/or cues?
Thanks! 😉

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No one has done any extensive research into this. I do know that two sound files in particular are used in the server and client setup screen, when the game is started, and continue until you start the game. The file Artemis Main Screen.ogg plays when you start Artemis, and Artemis - Main Menu.ogg begins playing when you select "Start Server". The "Client" song (which continues playing when you select "Start Client") is much quieter and softer than the "Server" song, presumably so you don't have a lot of loud, exciting game programs all trying to play over each other. 😃

Outside of that, I am not sure. It is known that certain songs play at certain times, like when you are under attack, or when you are warping across the sector. The songs are meant to set the mood. Probably, the best approach to replacing the sound file would be to listen to them and try to determine what mood they are trying to convey, and then pick a song that is similar.

It would be nice if someone could post a list of song files and when they are played, but that will probably take a lot of experimentation.
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