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I think I speak for most people when I say, I enjoy playing Artemis SBS on a bridge with  enthusiastic people. I think I speak for most groups when I say, I get really excited when an entire fleet of 8 ships work together to accomplish some defined mission/goal(s).

I've been working at that for a while now, and we here in Canada are planning to do some major fleet level playing next year. The coordination of seven vessels between two operating fleets has been realized this week.

Group-actualization around this idea has been a long time coming per the vision statement. I am looking forward to seeing more people participate and play Artemis at a social level, while remaining inclusive, having fun, being safe, open to learning and sharing skills and ideas, and geeking out. See our official announcement below.

"Orders from TSN High Command have been issued this afternoon. Effective immediately: TSN Canadian Fleet, under the command of Commodore David Trinh, and TSN 9th Fleet, under the command of 9th Fleet Senior Command, are to begin joint fleet training and operations for future orders and missions. The combined fleet will consist of seven duty vessels."

How we are going to do that will require a lot of work in many areas of expertise. I'm just not referring to technical ones since many participants are in the Information Technology business. I believe the Artemis community provides opportunities for peole to work on soft skills more so, especially when it scales upwards to more than two bridges. Wish our coordinators luck as we prepare to put together more 7-8 vessel games at some defined regular frequency of play in 2019.

I believe we have met our success indicators because we wrote down our vision, mission and values statements. We not only live by them but all of our efforts point towards them, where each action or little goal gets a group a little closer to the vision.

How are other communities operating and building their Artemis crew and or divisions? I know I am not the only one thinking and executing these concepts out there. Since there is a TSN 9th fleet with already four vessels working cohesively already. 




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