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Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello, I had an accident at the beginning of March which gave me lots of time to do research... well, find games then! I found Artemis!

Thank you! What a game!

Now my living room has been turned into a make-shift bridge, my large tv is the main viewscreen, I dug out my smoke machine from a tub in the garage and even bought a couple of red bulbs for the very necessary alerts and yesterday evening 6 of us got together properly (we've had some try-outs) and went exploring! We've already arranged our next session which isn't until May (RL can be a drag haha) but we  plan to arrange at least one good session every month.

I am very much learning all the time, and will no doubt be hunting info about Artemis here.

Here's to continued development and safe voyages for all!


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Welcome aboard Netgeezer. [biggrin]

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You found the right place for good info!!!  Welcome!!
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(Deane Geiken)
Kristel Shepard

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Hi, Netgeezer[smile] I do hope you are doing good now. I'm back and been busy for some days. It's nice having to join you around here again. Have a great day!

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Possibly the best community on the net right here. Welcome to the obsession [biggrin]
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welcome to the fleet
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