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cant find any base game graphic mods. i love the game as is except for the low graphics, are there any mods with improved graphics out there?

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The old WSD mod increase the overall graphics for the game by replacing the skyboxes with 2k images and replacing the ship models for the bad guys. The bad guys will be completely changed visually though.

The game can take up to 2k images for the skyboxes if you want to change those around.

The best way Ive found to enhance the overall graphics is with a GPU control panel. Here is my thread on that:

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There was once an attempt to update the game to high resolution models, but except for the Light Cruiser no models were made. And that one was never finished.

As modders have noted, Artemis has a problem with high resolution models on some systems. While updated graphics might be cool for a mainscreen, it might be something that would be optional, not part of the stock game.

I'll note, though, that Artemis 3.0 will probably have improved graphics. Or at least, I'm hopeful.
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