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I'm looking to do a multi-ship session for an upcoming event at my library (we have space for as many as 4 bridges), and I'd like some suggestions about how to make it happen on the server side.

I have a batch of laptops on hand which I've used for Artemis, and in the past I've also borrowed brand-new All-in-One HP machines (sorry, no specs--IT loans them to me and I hand them back immediately afterward), all running system 10.  I can make them work fine as distinct games, but getting two ships to play nicely in the same instance has been dicey.  Usually it lags so badly on the second ship that I separate them.  Last time I messed with the network speed a bit and that seemed to help.

For International Games Week, I want to power it up and REALLY make this thing fly.

Any suggestions on what to do about the server??  What are minimum specs that folks would recommend?

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While I don't have stats for what's precisely needed, my 4 year old gaming PC ran the first 8-ship game back at Armada 1, and you definitely don't need all that power for a 2 ship game. The things you'll need more than anything are a decent processor, probably 8GB RAM, and most importantly, a decent Network card and network setup.

I cannot recommend enough ensuring that you're using a wired network, which if your library has been built/remodeled in the past 5 years, should have a properly solid network setup for this.

Also, see this other recent forum post for an excellent breakdown:

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