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by zorilya

Hello again.

This release brings the implementation of the GUI for the GM screen as well as a number of improvements and optimizations in the event trees and controls for some of the more advanced functions, like procedural sector generation.

What you can expect from newest to oldest:

  • Improved NEW menu system utilizing the GUI capable of forwards and backwards navigation with improved user feedback utilizing the instructions feature to provide useful information whenever possible.
  • Ximni race and vessels implemented into the procedural ship generator.
  • Set name function allowing you to set the designation of a ship within a range of  A00 - E99 (500 names) 

  • Procedural ship generator to expand the depth and variety of ships, their descriptions and how they respond to communications in the universe.
  • Improved transitions that allow transitioning in 8 directions instead of 4 and designed to be a neat package that is universal for all systems (Means a lot less redundant code)
  • Planet generator with the mod installed you will see awesome planets what can vary in size, terrain, tilt, rate of spin and having the presence of rings.
  • Procedural sector generator which can take input from the user to define as much or as little about the sector your about to generate. Things like Whcih faction controls the sector, does it have a trade lane, what is the level of infrastructure, is there conflict, does it have a planet?
  • Improved Star system definition to remove the excess coding required for making a star system so it is now just a step my step process. The standardization of transitions through all systems helped a lot with this.
  • Customizable Wormholes to allow you to, on the fly, define the start and end of a wormhole without the players needing to be present within a related sector. It's totally behind the scenes
  • Customizable Warp Gate Generator Allowing for the deployment and setting up of warp gates to take you far across the star systems. Also on the fly in the same way that wormholes do.
  • Tractor beams that allow the players to tractor beam anything that the GM screen can select. just toggle in the menu and select the player's target.
  • Customizable side missions designed to be modular enough to be used away where, including a drifting ship and a high energy nebula.
  • Back end utilities that can be ripped out and applied to your own missions. these utilities get around a lot of the problems that are caused by using such an inflexible XML parser like the inability to store the location of an object and giving an object a random name after it has been customized with new information.
  • New factions Aura security force and SARMA the Strategic Action and Risk Management Agency as well as the Striken, an organism that engulfs and takes over ships leaving them as a fleet of organically controlled ships.
  • And More... I don't want to leave you reading all day... just go try it out and have fun!
----Download Links----
GM Theater V2

With mod            Without Mod

I have made a Video series going over the functionality and explaining the behind the scenes with the hope that all who wish to understand more and modify what is there, can without the barrier to entry on the project being higher than it needs to be.

The new menu video
Here is a video to showcase the menu system.

The Intro

There are 9 videos in total to give you guys the best insight as to how to get the best from this Theater...
and here is the Link to the playlist

Artemis GM Theater playlist

I have spent a lot of time converting old code from the original sandbox to work more efficiently in spite of the inadequate XML parser. With that being said there will be Tarantis from the original sandbox and the Dionysus system from the USN as well as a few other spaces and the tools to create your own on the fly. Really i've tried to make this as usable and useful as possible for the community and I hope you all enjoy it.

Have Fun!

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Hi there our group uses mark bells sttng mod for 2.11 would this be compatible with the sttng mod still using v2.11 atm. I have tried 2.4 with the tng mod but I am finding slight issues but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind providing some insight thank you [smile]

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I'm not the author, but I suspect this would not be compatible with the TNG mod. Mark Bell is working on a version of the TNG mod for 2.4, and his latest test releases include an incomplete Sandbox. Go check the Off Topic forum for it.

The biggest problem with mixing stock missions with modded games is that the redefined ships are usually not compatible. Artemis is supposed to include a feature where if you say "small enemy", it will pick an appropriate ship even if the vesselData has been changed. However, some mission scriptors don't use that feature because it's unreliable.

The simple answer is, try it and see what works and what doesn't. It can't hurt to try, and you might find that some features work okay.

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I've released the 2.4 tng mod - are you having issues playing the mod itself? If so, please post about it on that thread so we can fix it! [smile]
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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The TNG mod (2.4) would work here only if the ships were replacements in the vessel data XML. 

The ship generator referenced the hullID numbers from there directly so if any were different it would break the ship generator.

That being said. the ship generator is designed in such a way that it can be change to accept more or less ship HullIDs with relatively little work.

If you really wanted to use the system though you don't need all of it. I have broken down the requirements of most of the components so that they can be ripped out and put into any mission script in a modular kinda way. Want the transitions and sector/system manager but none of the procedural stuff? go ahead a rip it out... just make sure you've got the relevant modules as labeled at the to of each event structure.

I was thinking of making a video for the process of ripping out parts of this sandbox for individual use but there didn't seem to be much support of what I was doing compared to other sandbox projects so it didn't seem like it would be worth the time.

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What is the difference between "With Mod" and "Without Mod" ?
Are there installation instructions in the file?


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Originally Posted by crosshairlunchbox

What is the difference between "With Mod" and "Without Mod" ?

Not the author, but:

From what I gather, the GM Theater, like the TSN Sandbox and the WSG mod, is designed for use with a modded vesselData file which adds additional ship types, enemies, and terrain features like planets. Without that mod, the GM Theater will lose much of its functionality.

Zorilya has still released a version of the GM Theater which is designed for use with the stock vesselData file. It just removes all those functions that involved the additional ships and planets. This is for folks who just want a full-featured GM console without all the bells and whistles.

Note this is entirely separate from the TNG mod, or any other mod, including the other Sandboxes. They aren't compatible with each other, because they don't have the same selection of ships.


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Pretty much right there, though I would take issue with the "Without that mod, the GM Theater will lose much of its functionality." part.

The only thing lost without the mod is a few ship models and planets don't look as nice.

All the factions remain intact as do all the commands in menus for spawning and changing things... Including spawning planets, without the mod they are just giant asteroids.
All of the content that would be in the mod is disabled with the change of one variable in the mission script so it is easy to manage.

Installation is pretty much the same as the package file directory should reflect what you would already have in your Artemis directory. There are also some optional client side things, like nicer asteroids and blackhole icons that just need copy and pasted into the dat folder from the dat\USN_mod\optional_files\replacement folder. There are backups stored in a folder next to that also.


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Originally Posted by zorilya

All the factions remain intact as do all the commands in menus for spawning and changing things... Including spawning planets, without the mod they are just giant asteroids.
All of the content that would be in the mod is disabled with the change of one variable in the mission script so it is easy to manage.

I didn't know that. I just assumed the version without the mod did not attempt to create anything that wasn't part of the stock game. That shows a great deal of foresight that you would design the script to be configurable.

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I appreciate that man. Just trying to make less work for myself and those who would use it [smile].

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Tried it last night in advance of some game play this weekend.  Very nice sandbox addition.   Really looking forward to trying it with others.   These sandbox missions  are great fun for those of us with half-formed mission ideas and even less well formed mission writing skills - thanks for sharing it!

One thing I've seen that I could use some help with is this:  the gate in the main/home system (forget the name of it right now, sadly) runs away when you enter the system.  It accelerates slowly but gets up to about warp four (I know, because I've chased it a couple of times to see what it was up to). The gate ends up at the top of the screen.  IT looks like it is spinning/trying to get away.

My install version is one of the early 2.s, upgraded to 2.4 with the  download from the main page. I think I downloaded the latest versions of the sandbox files (with mod). 

I'd guess that the fleeing gate is a bug in the script.  Given my skill with these things, however, I cannot discount the very real possibility of operator error.  Any help/advice is appreciated.  


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Nice looking menu system [smile]

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Hi zorilya,

thank you for your work!

It seems the download links are not working properly. Would you mind double checking?

Thanks a ton!
Gaj Ifeco

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anyone else getting a 404 error when clicking on the download link?

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Yes. It is on the TSN server that crashed. It would be great if zorilya would put it someplace else. I would like to start developing a campaign with it.
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