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Greetings Arrew -

I'm trying to use the GM Sandbox script, but I must be doing something wrong.  Perhaps you could help me? 

I'm using Artemis 2.5.1, installed on 3 machines with the "MISS_GMsandbox5a" loaded in the missions folder on all three.  #1 is for server, #2 is for GM console, #3 is for player ship.  I make the selections, enable "Ready to Play" on #2 and #3, "Start Game" on server.  The server screen goes to a generic space view, but #2 and #3 just sort of sit there and do nothing.  No changes to screen at all.

What am I doing wrong? 

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

(Update)  I should make clear that I am choosing to run the "GMsandbox5a" script from the server machine, and that I had multiple console selections made for ship #3, just to test.


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You are doing almost everything right! Simply start the "Mainscreen" console to spawn each ship. You can close it after you spawn each ship you are going to use. [smile]
EDIT: Just a note, the script only needs to be installed on your server.

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Greetings k9lego -

Thanks for the response.  Still getting the same (non) response from the game.

Just so I'm being clear, here's my setup, on the same LAN:

Machine #1: (server), running "GMsandbox5a" script
Machine #2: (GM console), ship "Artemis" selected, GM position selected
Machine #3: (player ship), ship "Artemis" selected, and have tried both selecting multiple station positions including Mainscreen, and then only Mainscreen

When I select "Start Game" from the server machine, that machine goes to a generic space view and is moving around slightly and does not appear frozen, but the other two machines don't change screens at all; they just sit there, but there is an indicator in the lower left of the screen that says "Simulation IS PLAYING". 

Thanks for anyone who might be able to point out what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks!


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I find that sometimes when I start the server I need to un-ready and then ready the GM client for the server to spawn the ships.

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That did it -- many thanks Wookiemart!  Actually, different tests showed I might have to do the same for the player ships, but in essence, that's the down/dirty work around.  Thank you very much!

Now that I've got the GM console working in the Sandbox, I saw there was a selection for hostile ships to have warp.  However, try as I might to enable that for specific hostile ships, they would not warp.  Does anyone know if this function is working, and if so, how to properly enable?  I know I can manually jump a hostile to any location on the map, but I'd rather for the AI to make the decision if possible. 


Mike Substelny

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Have you scanned the ships on the science console? Does it show that they don't have the elite ability warp after you give them warp?

Remember, the enemy ships operate elite abilities using their own AI. Even if they have warp drive they will only use it when their AI brain stacks decide to use it. Often elite abilities like warp, cloak, and jump only get triggered when they are being attacked.

If what you really want is enemies that move faster toward their targets you need to code a GM control that increases the selected ship's maximum speed.

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Greetings Mike -

Excellent - thanks for the info!

Looks like for the short run, I'll simulate their jump engines just by doing that manually through the GM console.  Ref the max speed setting, yes, it would be nice if some enterprising coder would be so kind to add that functionality to a GM button... hint, hint, hint somebody... [comp]


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