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So, I put 5 newbies through the academy at my annual GameStorm session:  15 minutes or so of explaining the jobs, and half an hour of "push this button to go forward" instruction, and then about half an hour of "level 4 until you die".  After that, I opened up the rest of the LAN room to the gallery, and we got 3 or 4 ships going, and cranked it up to level 8 or so.  Pretty much the same thing as the previous two years - fun stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Somehow my ship of newbies self-destructed, and wanted to respawn.  We hit the button, and they come back in, but the space docks aren't yellow anymore - they're red.  The science officer (who had been de facto captaining while I was organizing the other ships) says:  "Hey... the space stations are red on my screen... that's weird.  Hey - that one fired a torpedo at us!!"

He followed that up with a resolute:  "Shields up!  Load the torpedo tubes!!"


This crew of "never-played-befores", on an hour or so of training, proceeded to destroy 2 space stations plus one other player ship before they ran out of energy and ordnance.  Proudest moment of my career as an Artemis trainer.  [cool]



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Great story! Sounds like your group had a lot of fun.
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