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The TSN Chiron (the DC Training Crew) will have a slot or two available for players at Armada IV. We have a full bridge that we are bringing, so no equipment is needed, just a warm body, a friendly demeanor, and a desire to play with a semi-casual crew. You will need to acquire your own admission to the con.

~Admiral Jonathon "Isildur" Riley
Captain of the TSN Chiron NTE-3142, Lend-Leased from the NSEA.
Commandant of the 42nd Training Corps - Washington, DC, USA, Earth
Docere ad astra

The Major

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This is my first Artemis con and I am not associated with any group. I am hoping to find a crew in need of a crewman. please keep me in mind.

Steve Pontious aka The Major
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