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Figure I might as well release a screenshot of what I've been working on...

It's a frigate based off the UNSC Frigate's from the Halo Universe. While it's largely based off the UNSC Frigate Charon Class, it's not an exact replica - mostly because my blender skills aren't amazing like what some people on the internet are like.

The vessel will be released for usage along with an interiors file and vessel data when I am done designing it.


In homage of Artemis, I've given it the classification of UNSC Frigate - Artemis Class.
In comparison to standard frigate's, it's alot more snub-nosed and the docking bays on the side are shorter. The hangar bay is roughly the same size as what you'd expect to see on a Charon while the forward section is largely based off the Paris Class.


Right now it works beautifully in Artemis and is designed as a broadside frigate rather than a facefront ship like the typical Artemis vessels. This makes it deadly in the hands of elite crews but a novice navigation and weapons officer may struggle with it.

- 2x Broadside Primary Beams with a cycle time of 1 second and a range of 1000. (Damage is adjusted, it does the same DPS as a standard Artemis ship). More Pew Pew, less bang bang.
- 1x Heavy Beam Cannon, to replace the UNSC MAC... since Artemis doesn't support Magnetically accelerated Cannons... Besides, if it did, the effective range would likely be about four times the size of the regular Artemis Map. The Heavy Beam Cannon does a whopping 6x damage over the regular Artemis Beam weapons, but it's offset by a extreme cycle time of upwards of 25 seconds (Still rebalancing it). This makes the Beam Cannon perfect for a devastating first attack before the missiles hit, letting you do some serious shield damage. Or you can use it to knock out the engines of an escaping ship. However it's extremely poor in a long term engagement due to it's cycle time. The HBC has a range of 3000. (Which will likely be increased to a range of if-youz-can-seez-itz-youz-can-shootz-itz)
- 4x Torpedo Tubes (Still undergoing rebalancing. Six tubes makes more logistical sense but less balance sense)

Missile Armament:
- 3x Nukes (UNSC Frigates typically carry an armament of three nukes)
- 10x Torpedos
- 2x Mines (UNSC Frigates are not designed for mine deployment... Count yourself lucky I gave you any)
- 2x ECM (Reasonable considering you have three nukes)
- 2x P-Shock (Still looking into rebalancing. My crew needs to properly learn how to deploy these in the higher level missions...)

Shield Strength:
- FRONT: 70pt REAR: 70pt (Artemis cruiser has 80pt and the scout has 60pt)


Strategies: (Based on testing it with my crew in it's before-this form)

This frigate is designed as an escort ship, basically to augment the deadlyness of other ships rather than being a tank itself. Because it has broadside beams, the smart navigations officer will keep in the blind spots of enemy vessels (Easier than you think with some of them...) and the broadside beams can whittle down the shields with the powerful cycle time.

Another strategy is for engineering to overdrive the primary beam and flood it with coolant, while bringing down other non-essential systems. This makes it super awesome for long range sniping while other ships soak up the damage.


I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this style ship! Hopefully it will be released before the 30th of this month as I mostly just have texturing to complete now and a little bit more 3d work. [smile]

Also, those of you who saw my post regarding the separation of sound files in the Development suggestions category will now understand why... I want my HBC to SOUND like an HBC! [biggrin]


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I've meddled my fair share with the vessel data, too. Not so much in terms of building new ship models and implementing them but rather taking what's already out there and tweaking it to keep up with the relatively low response time my regular crew has and allowing for different tactics depending on what type of ship you're using. So, in a way, pretty much what you've done, too. [wink]

As for your frigate, I like what you're doing. I'll be sure to follow this thread in the hopes that this isn't the only ship model you build. Thumbs up! [smile]

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Modelling is basically complete and I've completely textured it.


White lines are re-colourable within Artemis by the crew, except for the UNSC logo on the rear engine foils which is permanently white.

I'm no expert at creating textures so this is largely a big wrap around of two different metal textures.

HBC is working flawlessly... Better than I planned anyway. It's been debuffed to a sixty second cool down but it's basically guaranteed to insta-kill most shields, serving it's purpose amazingly.

I'm considering extending the side hangar's and the front section but I'm concerned that it'd look too long in Artemis and get a bit stretched on the 2D visuals.

Energy consumption has been modified. By default, the UNSC Artemis Class regens energy at a rate of one per second. This is offset by the fact that it burns through energy when moving at warp or jumping at nearly double the rate of a typical cruiser.

Commanders should definitely not see this as a useful excuse for avoiding starbases for refueling.


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Looks amazing and really complexed [tongue] Keep up the good work! Looking forward to see the final result!
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