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Dear fellow Artemis fleet

I and my crew frequently get together for "Bridge Night" as we aptly refer to it as usually every week.

We love the TNG mod 2.1.1 and enjoy several missions yet we've encountered a frustrating anomaly when during a simulation if the difficulty is set to 4 or higher we will at some point during a mission experience a TSF "total simulation failure" where the game will crash.

To alleviate this and keep the game challenging, I've added power to the enemy weapons and shields and even speed, sometimes this works but sometimes this also causes a crash even if Diff level is less than three.

Update network speed is often stable at 90ms with bridge server running on the tv screen main, observer and the alert status display and sometimes one station on the main server.

2 to 3 other laptops are networked in a local network.

Can anyone suggest how to minimize the probability of a crash.

Solutions we've considered
1) Ethernet link to server computer
2) 70-90 and less network update speed even at 50ms it still crashes.
3) Dedicate bridge server with no stations just the three windows main screen/observer/alert disp.

Any suggestions to help alleviate this would be appreciated.

Please note that we did try the patch to 2.1.5 with no luck it seemed.

Version in use is 2.1.1

With respects
Captain Jason D. Chapman


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Are you stating by 1) that you are connecting the server wirelessly to the network?  If so, this could be your problem.  Most consumer grade routers will drop and block an Artemis connection about a half an hour in to a game.  The higher the level of traffic, the faster the crash will occur, hence, the higher the level of game play with the larger amount of data brings the drop that much faster.  I know that it may not be feasible in your situation, but I highly recommend wired connections through a small cheap eight port gigabit switch to avoid this particular problem (

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Badge guy

Thank you vvery much for your helpful suggestion the Commander and myself picked up one today so if this is what's been causing this issue then my respect and gratitude goto you, that's correct I was thinking that that has to be a reason that could cause the crashes we will test this and advise. On behalf of the Parry Sound Artemis community fleet I humbly thank you.

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