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Been a while since I build my first set of consoles - which I posted here as well. They been based on arcade buttons and a „fix“ layout. With new versions of Artemis some additional functionalities came up (and will come up in the future) which my consoles can not deal with. So I am kind of „stuck“ with an older Artemis Version. Now what if the consoles could be adjustable without the trouble of changing the hardware. I was looking for various options always keeping a low budget in mind and stumbled over the following setting: instead of individual arcade buttons an a fix Lay-out I am going to use a digitizer panel - in my PoC I am currently using the panel from a Wii U controller which you can get for around 5$. The panel is then controlled by an Arduino Leonardo which has a build in USB controller making the touch panel to an input device. Now I can define areas on the touch panel that represent a key stroke e.g. toggle shields. The layout of the buttons is then drawn and printed on a transparent foil that is put underneath the touch panel and illuminated from below.
So much about the idea :-). My first PoC so far showed that it should be doable - now trying to link multiple panels to one console. One Wii U controller panel is a bit small with its 18 cm x 8 cm. But for most consoles two to three panels added up should provide enough space to hold all required “buttons“.
This would then result in a touch sensitive console that can easily be adjusted to new features by replacing the layout on the underlaying foil and adjusting the code on the Arduino. I might even be able to have like two different layouts I could swap e.g. to use the console not only for Artemis but also for Empty Epsilon.
So die to lack of time I guess this project will stretch over a couple of month. I’ll keep you posted about further progress and will share the outcome on github.

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Spunds promising. I look forwrd to seeing your results.
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