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One final illustration and then I'll drop it.  In the current set-up if Engineering brings Beam energy down to 10% (such as to recover energy), the recharge time is [6/0.1=] 60 seconds.  Unfortunate, but you can squint and do the math and understand why.  If you turn on manual beams and accidentally fire off a shot, your beams are out of commission for [6/0.1/0.1=] 600 seconds or 10 minutes.  At that point people are just going to think the game is broken.

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It might be useful to expose a variable in a script to allow the modifier to be bypassed. That way you don't have to take it into account when balancing a script.

And I think I may go back to 2.4 and even earlier to see if this has always been the calculation or it is a recent undocumented change. I'd like to know why the assumption was that it was a constant -1 second.


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THIS is also why you want to let your ENG know BEFORE you start shooting!! 
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