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Fireworks for today brought to you courtesy of TSN Phoenix.  Helm dropped out and we {somehow} slid into a minefield backwards.  Shields were up, but we still had the back half of the ship blown off.  0 warp, 0 impulse, 0 rear shields - Dead In Space.  I got red-shirts working and we limped into a base.  {Cannot recall who took helm, but the original was gone, apparently a PC problem.}  We were getting things fixed when, well, I'm not sure what happened next, I think some TAK ships jumped us {with shields down}.  So, now the front half of the ship is gone.  AND all the red-shirts are still aft finishing repairs there.  No beams, no torps, no front shields...  We flew out of their range and survived.  Eventually we lived thru the entire scenario as the other TSN ships were taking advantage of our <ahem> "advanced decoy maneuvers" to smegmize the TSK ships.  At least there was no need for the Phoenix to "rise from the ashes" today. {aka re-spawn}  
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