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I played Artemis for the first time at a convention yesterday and was blown away! I would love to set up a rig at home and throw a "bridge party".

I know you can play on any computer, but I really love having the large touch screens that were featured on the All-In-One's we saw around the time Windows 8 came out.

Does anyone know if a source to get these inexpensively? I know many schools / universities / companies refresh their computers periodically. I'm wondering if I could pick up some end of life all-in-ones inexpensively.

Alternatively, does anyone know where I could rent systems like this for a party?

Obviously this could get expensive fast. Ultimately I'm just trying to get my guests a large touch screen interface for the game.
Mike Substelny

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I do not have a source in mind, but just about any All-In-One should do the job. The current release of Artemis 2.7.4 is not very taxing on computers. It is somewhat taxing on the network due to outdated code. A refurbished unit should work fine.

Remember if you have a dedicated the server that machine doesn't need a touch screen. Just give it a projector or big television and you are ready to save the galaxy!

FWIW in 2020 Thom plans to create Artemis 3 using his new Pax game engine. Artemis 3 will require Windows 10 but should be much gentler on the network.

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I did a quick search for all in one PCs on Amazon and the cheapest All-In-One touchscreens are going for around $400. Means if you do some digging you could probably find them cheaper.

Ive seen big lots of touchscreens come up for sale, but they tend to be VERY old tech if they are being liquidated by a school or some such and good lots tend to be once in a blue moon.

Fortunately it looks like you can get all-in-ones with touchscreens fairly cheaply on ebay, for around $100-$150 each, though you will have to work to find ones that match. That being said; doing a searcg for "all in one touch lot" brought up some lots that may work out well.

Here is an example of a lot that will probably work well for you if you have the $700 to spend:!45414!US!-1

Course this ultimately depends on your budget. When I was building my bridge I relied HEAVILY on a friend that worked in the IT field and was able to get me free equipment from time to time. I think Ive spent around $1500 on my bridge (Link below if your curious), though I also do not have very many touchscreens on my bridge (just on Engineering). I think the most I have spent on a PC was around $40 of cobbled together ebay parts, but I digress.

A while back I wrote this post about what I have learned about what it takes to run Artemis well. Its a bit dated at this point and many of my computers are started to lag a bit, but converting the Hard drives to solid state has been a cost effective way to squeeze a bit more life out of them. You can use the guide if you decide to use a PC, but it will also help you determine what specs you will need in your All-in-ones.

In closing; Good Luck! The bridge building bug is a tenacious calling fraught with challenges,  but it is rewarding when you get your friends together for a game night. There are a LOT of people on these forums that are very knowledgeable and they tend to be pretty helpful around here.


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In my area, I found it was easier to find trailing edge/recycled old laptops for nearly nothing then add touchscreens.

I'm using these touchscreens for my bridge: 

Planar PXL2230MW 22-Inch 16:9 1080p Touchscreen LCD Monitor

These have been fairly reliable, include every possible input, and are just the right size. At just under $200, you can connect this to any USB-equipped Windows 7/10/Linux machine.

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I got some relatively cheap refurbished laptops off Amazon.  ~$200 each as I recall.  Since I take my bridge to cons and do NOT feel like mixing a bottle of Windex and germ killer to wipe down the screens after every run, I do not use "smudge-screens".   
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