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RyleyRA's Fighter Squadrons Mission - now a script for Artemis 2.4+

This is an update to my original Fighter Mission Mod, which was based on the script created by Dwayne (Bulldog) and Deane Geiken for their Battlestar Galactica mod. At the time, there were no fighters in the game, and the mod was intended to allow players to pilot fighters. Even after player fighters were added in 2.3, I still saw the possibility of having NPC fighters that did not need pilots, and modifications to the vesselData file were needed to accomplish this.

With Artemis 2.4, however, this is no longer the case. This can now be a mission script, which will be usable (hopefully) with any future version of Artemis.

This script basically adds a squadron of trainee fighters to any player ship, which can be launched and controlled by Comms. No other pilot players are needed, although the squadron will supplement player fighters if a carrier is chosen. Only the first ship, "Artemis" will be able to launch the NPC fighters, so this will give them a definite advantage over any other player ship that chooses to join the game.

There are two Mission files, which can be used to handle the NPC fighters. One file, MISS_Module_Fighters is for a Game Mastered mission, and includes GM keys for the typical creation functions. (It was based on the original BSG mission and Module_3_Bases) The other file, however, MISS_FighterSquadrons is a completely random simulator in the style of Solo Mode, which is meant to be played without a GM.

Since I have borrowed Dwayne and Deane's code, of course, they are welcome to study my changes and incorporate them back into their mod. I have fixed some bugs in the refueling code and made it more robust, in particular by adding the "Bingo" command to trigger it early.

I would appreciate any feedback on these scripts. While this is a fairly mature package which has been extensively tested by myself and (I assume) others, any new revision introduces the possibility of errors in the script. Let me know if you find any bugs or funnies. I would appreciate suggestions, too.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I am only posting the 2.4 version of the script. The 2.7 version is coming soon, but I intend to edit it to allow the use of Comms buttons to launch the fighters instead of keybinds, and that will take time. It will also no longer be possible for Science to take over the task of launching fighters, but I believe that overall this will be an improvement. The 2.4 version CAN be used with 2.6, but may not work with 2.7.

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