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This is an early test of the upcoming Mission Wizard version that includes 2.3 support for script generation.  It's designed as a "quick start" for learning to fly and operate your new fighter.  This is from the Mission Brief / Everyone:

Fighter Investigation
written by T.L. Ford

This is a exploration unit for fighters. Start the server, select any ship (or ships), and Carrier as the ship type. Do not change the default names. Each player ship will need:
Main Screen

You do NOT need any carrier crew. Immediately launch your fighter and fly around. Check the Science console to see what is available. Visit friendly ships first as they are on a mission to leave the screen.

There is no real "task", just fly around and look at and interact with things. If you have multiple players, add more carriers so each player has 5 fighters to kamikaze. There are a couple enemies to practice against and you can PVP fighters.

Try to identify, as your fighter, the different types of ships and stations. Determine how close you can get to the black hole, mines, and asteroids. How many mines can your fighter take before dying? Can you shoot your own carrier and friendly stations? How can you easily orient yourself to the main grid? What do the stations look like from the top and bottom? Where do your fighters launch from on your carrier? What's your turn radius? How long does it take to do a "180"? Can you dogfight other fighters? What happens if your own carrier is shot by an enemy (or friend)? If you have multiple people playing fighters, can you fly in formation? Can you work together to take out an enemy? Can you use each other to block enemy attacks? What strategies work? What strategies don't?

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This sounds like fun! In particular, I would recommend exploring the carrier. Look at the hangar landing pads on the top. They're a bit small for the fighter, but it's worth taking a look.
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