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Thought I would contribute something back to the community [smile]

This is V1.0 of my Expanded skybox program. Enabling you to move beyond the 30 skyboxes Artemis currently has. 
I've used the rather excellent ArtClientlib that Arkantos and co maintain on Github.

Currently I've only tested this with 2.1.1, I haven't moved to 2.2.x yet. But it may work.

Unzip this folder and its contents to your Artemis art folder. (i.e. C:\Artemis\art\)
In this current edition you need to run the java file from a CMD prompt, navigate to your art folder and run the following command. (While Artemis is running!)
java -jar Artemis_Expanded_Skyboxes.jar <Artemis server IP> <Artemis port (default 2010)>

This logs into Artemis as an observer console and will now sit there listening for commands from the mission script.
Keep the CMD window open!!

In your Artemis mission script you need to select a skybox as your "transit" skybox. This skybox cannot change during the mission. I've been using sb10, but you could easily use sb01-09 as these can't be overwritten.
When you want to move between star systems switch to this transit skybox, only needs to be for a second or two, and have a command fire off a pop-up window message to the observer console. The java program will listen out for these commands and then overwrite all the skybox folders in the art folder with the new star systems skybox folders.
Once the mission has finished you can switch back to the transit skybox and fire off the default command that will write back all your default skyboxes.

The zip contains a few skyboxes already, mostly of the Solar system and some of the 2K ones already posted on here, but there is scope to go up to 25 systems, each with sb10-29 in. Plus the default skyboxes. That's over 500 skyboxes!!!

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Very cool!  I'm going to shift this to the Mission Scripting forum, since this is restricted to use with Mission Scripts.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Ok, wasn't sure which one it should go in really [smile]
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