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Xavier Wise

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Hello Artemis Community, 

The TSN Live Stream event is fast approaching!

On 17th August 2013, at 21:30hrs UTC we will be broadcasting live using Twitch. The link to join is:

You will be able to watch a crew of trained TSN officers in action. The live broadcast will show a key position being operated aboard a TSN ship, as well as observer, main screen and a sector view. You'll also be able to hear how we communicate and interact during a mission.

We plan to run a couple of scenarios on version 1.702, then upgrade to 2.0 and let you guys see us take on new enemies and greater challenges. We'll also be providing details about the community itself, answering questions and giving you an insight in what it is like to be a member. 

Come along and check it out!

If you can't make it, the full video will be uploaded to YouTube, so you will still be able to see us in action.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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Looking forward to the YouTube video

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The videos are uploaded on my youtube account now! Feel free to check them out!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Captain of the USN Basroil.
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