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So, I've done bussiness with a place called My crew and I spent some time researching options for uniforms for the coming Artemis Armada. We had settled on some shirts sold by ES and had a good experience with my orders, so before the con I put an order in for the new members of the group.
Previous orders had taken 3 days from time of order to arrive. There was some debate about color choice, so I didn't get the order in a soon as I would have liked, but I still got the order in a week and a half before they needed to be delivered. I needed 4 shirts in 4 sizes. I got an email the next day saying the Medium shirt was out of stock and the order was on hold. No problem, mistakes happen. I call them and tell them to substitute a similar shirt and don't think about it. The next day I get a confirmation email. towards the end of the day I decide I should check it just to make aure. The customer service guy had removed the 3xl shirt from my order, replaced it with the med shirt and kept the original (out of stock) medium shirt on the order... [frown]
I call them as soon as I can , go over the order with the customer service guy item by item to make sure he got it right and he assured me it would be taken care of and that it would be there when I needed it (4/9), cool. Its fine. The following tuesday I still haven't gotten a confirmation email. Thinking that's weird, I give them a call. The previous CS guy hadn't done a thing. My order is still messed up and not being shipped. As a customer service guy that tries very hard to make sure the people that call me get takwn care of, I am enraged at this point, though still trying to be calm. The guygoes over the order with me (another shirt has gone out of stock by this point, though we are able to find a good substitute) he corrects my order apologizes and he says his manager can upgrade the shipping, he understands it needs to be there by 4/9.
The next day I get an email. The order has been corrected and the shipping has been upgraded at no 3 day; which is how long normal shipping would take. I am enraged and insulted at this point beyond words. I call them and demand that they overnight it to me due to them repeatedly messing up my order. They refuse. I cancel the order and spend the next 15 minutes talk-yelling at the manager about how poor her customer service is.
So that's why my crew didn't have all matching shirts this weekend. It is also why I will not ever order from that place again. They are good unless you have a problem, then they apparently worse than useless.

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written order, any day.
if possible, in person, not over the phone.

if you order over the phone, that's what happens... nobody takes the blame, mainly because there was no exchange of written documents, and should a problem arise, you have no foundation to back your claim against the management.

my parents have a store, and they usually order products through a third party, who then relays the order to the distributor, but there is always a document involved, so when the delivery guy arrives, he brings a copy of the order with the packaging.
on the other hand, the internet connection to the store has a remote IT support, and most of the time they keep you waiting on the line, trying to figure out the problem, and the rest of the time, they shift blames between the phone company and the actual internet provider... that the server this, or the server that, or that the physical line this, or the electrical line that.
without a document detailing the problem, you get nowhere.
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