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I mostly wanted to see if this is a glitch or working as intended. 

My Engineer exclusively uses his iPad, and gets really frustrated because every time we start a new game he has to spend the first 5-10 minutes setting up Engineering presets, as they don't seem to save. 


Is this intended behavior?


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It's not really desired behavior as much as there is no way around it. Because of the way iOS and Android work, the install directory of an application is not accessible for modification. Since Artemis doesn't attempt to access the user file space, (which brings up other problems) it can't alter or save anything to file.

So PC versions of Artemis can be modified, and tablet versions cannot. It's a limitation of the OS. I would recommend your Engineer trade with some other console for a PC laptop or tablet.


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Thank you for the reply.


My Engineer really likes the touchscreen aspect of the Engineer console. It's an aesthetic/play style you can't really get with a mouse and keyboard, and I can't afford to spring for a touchscreen monitor for my PC or a touchscreen laptop at this time, especially with this really being the only application I'd use it for.


We'll deal with it, of course, but it's just a shame the functionality isn't possible.


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I feel your pain on that. I played on a droid tablet for the longest time before I eventually broke down and bought a touchscreen. The $150 for a $7 game was a punch to the gut, but that first game running engineering on a PC powered touchscreen was a religious experience.


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