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What part of a ship's vesselData.xml vessel function enables Combat Jump?  Is it side="7" or jumpefficiency="0.5"?

I'm looking to make a custom TSN ship with Combat Jump, but wasn't sure how to enable it.

Xavier Wise

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Would this be an NPC ship or a player ship? For a player ship, the crew can just configure the ship as required before mission start. You can also have a mission script start block spawn the ship as needed as well.

For an NPC, you would have to add code for special AI and select the specific AI ability.

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It would be a player ship.  From what I understand, if you take a standard TSN ship and select jump drive during server game setup, it cannot do Combat Jumps (pre-charged jumps like the Ximni do), only standard, slow jumps.  Or did that change?

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If I understand right, a ship can only have combat jump if it belongs to a <hullRace> which has a JUMPMASTER key.

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The "jumpmaster" key is definitely what you are looking for. It both reduces the time taken to "spin up" a normal jump, and enables Combat Jump.

Jumpefficiency determines the energy required to perform a jump, and is defined for each individual ship. This allows the different Ximni ships to have different Jump efficiencies. Note that while the Pirates have the jumpmaster key, their Jump efficiency is actually LOWER, meaning they use more energy. So speed of jump and Combat Jump are independent of Jump cost.

If you want a TSN ship to have the Combat Jump ability, you will have to define a new race for that one ship. It can still be named "TSN" and have the standard taunts for the TSN race, but you'll have to create it as a separate entry in the vesselData file. Oh, and "side=7" assigns that ship to the Ximni race. You could do that, too, since taunts aren't used by player ships, but your ship will be named a "Ximni <classname>" on Science. If you define your own race it would probably be "side=9". (Side 8 is the Pirates, I think)

If you want to make a temporary, one-time change for just one ship, you can add the jumpmaster key to the TSN race. Just remove it after you are done. If you're planning on playing a "fleet action" where one TSN ship can combat jump and the rest can't, though, that won't work. You'll have to go with one of the above ideas.


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Excellent.  Thank you Arkantos and ryleyra, that's exactly what I needed.  This would be for a LARP, so a custom race will work just fine.
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