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Hello gang,

Thanks for the great discussion and resources here on getting started with DMX.  I wanted something simple, without soldering, and cheap to try it out before diving into something more serious.  Amazon to the rescue (after returning a few that didn't work). 

I was able to put together the simplest plug-and-play set-up using this:
Lightahead LA-18w DMX512 RGB LED PAR Light, (Red, Green, Blue)
$10 Prime

Connected to the PC with this:
Dmx Control Cable Usb Rs485 Cable XLR DMX512 Cable Stage Lighting Equipment Coniy Cable for SGM Dmxking Dmxcontrol Freestyler Downloadtroller cable (180cm)
$18 Prime

I installed the USB driver for the cable with this:

Then tweaked the DMXcommands.xml here

To work with a 4-channel system:
Channel 1 (Artemis index 0):  On/Off
Channel 2 (Artemis index 1):  Red
Channel 3 (Artemis index 2):  Green
Channel 4 (Artemis index 3):  Blue

Then I turned on the PAR and pressed menu once until it read d001 (the setting for 4 channel DMX).

Once I set up the DMXcommands.xml file, I loaded the game and it worked like you dream it would (I was frankly shocked).  I'm uploading my DMXcommands.xml file in case anyone wants to copy (it's the stock file with the channels changed). 

Next step is to hook up a second PAR either as a slave (repeating the same colors as the first) or as an independent (adding more channels, so that one can shine blue for shields, while the other shines red for red alert, for example).

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this has been noted and the link saved, thank you for sharing

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Thanks for posting this... I like the looks of that USB to XLR cable, I've been using a FTDI chip between my PC and DMX board, but I've been bouncing around the idea of setting up something on fighter stations now that Artemis Bridge Tools has support for DMX by specific station.

This might be in my future as a new project!

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