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With part of the secret transmissions (From "Autumn Incursion" missions) decoded, TSN Terra Command has noticed that the Hedgemony forced have reduced their strength in the Eastern Front regions by 30% and redirected them to another sector of their space. During negotiations with the Argonian ambassador, the Hedgemony quickly, almost too quickly, agreed to a temporary cease fire in that region. It is under the TSN Intelligence assumption that their is something big brewing but under cease fire agreements, TSN has no official way to check into it.

Pirates have a way of doing things "Unofficially".... In this 2 part mission, you are to sneak into enemy occupied space, and bring back intel on enemy force movements, and report back. Any enemy losses and plunder will go "unnoticed" by TSN Command, however, if you are captured or killed, any involvement will be "Disavowed and illegal"

Part 1 - "Break the Line" - a LVL 8 Border war with limited sensors (don't want to alert enemies with loud sonar pings). Ship selection will be limited to Pirate ships (Longbow, Strongbow, Brigatine), and civilian craft (Cargo, Science, etc), and TSN (Ben's mod) scout class ships only. No Ximni ships allowed.

Part 2 - "Enemy of my Enemy" - Lvl 8 (or higher) Deep strike with same limitations on ship class. One of the enemy stations has intel on an alien race also in conflict with the Hedgemony, report back with findings. Ximni scout ship allowed.

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PirateLord Eric Wethington:
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Looking forward to this!
on TeamSpeak as GrayBeard {the Grim}  ;-) 
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