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The Artemis Eastern Front (online group) flagship, The Brigantine 1st CAP badge v4.jpg  class "Fulminatae" is still looking for crew. We have 4 (possibly 5) and can use a 6th crew to get the discounted "bridge pass"

About us:
The Eastern Front is (AFAIK) the only group that plays mostly as Pirate class (Longbow, Strongbow, and Brigantine) vessels

Pirates have been around since Armada I

Pirates... err the Civilian Air Patrol, 1st Light Recon.... are well trained... in looting enemy ships!

Do not always adhere to the "rules of engagement" of the TSN

Have several benefits such as patches, beer, bread, and the ability to say "Scurvy Dog" like its a compliment! (ie you'll get a free Eastern Front circular patch, sample of PirateLords Homebrew "Rum Barrel Red Ale" (age appropriate), and some homemade beer grain bread, as well as possible few other things....)

We will be purchasing our Bridge Pass within the next week, so contact me if you have not paid your weekend pass and want some bounty!

PirateLord Eric Wethington:
Commander of the 1st CAP Light Recon Fleet stationed at ShoShuShen station, Eastern Front Sector
Captain of the Privateer Longbow "Jimi-Saru"
Captain of the Privateer Brigantine "Fulminate" and 59th Pirate Fighter wing "The Reapers"

Charter Member of the Eastern Front online group (PirateLord)


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Do not always adhere to the "rules of engagement" of the TSN.
Mike Substelny

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Clavestone, allow me to point out another possible benefit. Because your bridge is local transportation is relatively easy for you. I could envision Fulminatae being the first bridge set up and the last one taken down, so your members will have more opportunities to play than anyone else.
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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