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Recieving encrypted transmission
Fleet HQ to Command ShoShuShen Station
Re: Eastern Front activity
 We have received your monthly report regarding several skirmishes and have taken under advisement your recommendations.

Raw Materials - as the push on the front lines requires the most supplies we are having to reduce your standard delivery of refined supplied by 10%.  However we have supplied several mining haulers with refinery rigs for the nearby asteroid fields. We recognize this is not the best solution. Hopefully this should be enough to supplement your reduced refined supplies.

Fresh ships of the line - Due to an incursion in the Euphini Expanse by the Hedgemony and an unknown metal eating parasite released by the mining of the moon colony on Krambus IV, any fresh ships have been delayed until we get this under control. DamCom command says Traku Ki Tu shipyards may be 4-6 weeks before resuming construction. As you know that's the shipyard that supplies the Eastern Front.

Veteran Crew - While the war rages on all front, we cannot supply you with crack troops. We have committed the current graduating class from Mars and Delphi Moon academies to you. They are enroute via standard non-military transports. Keep an eye out for them. We have also committed 2 veteran engineering units (I mean 65+ yr old veterans of the Lo'man conflict) and the graduating engineering class of Professor G. Meadows, an expert in bio-chemical engineering. Hopefully they will assimilate to their new found assignments rapidly.

And in recognition of your 2 years of keeping the Eastern Front free from incursions (we won't talk about the PirateLord, just as long as he doesn't raid military supply lines). The Luxury Liner Alpha Omega has been fully stocked with the latest holograms, meals, TakiTaki game boards, and the graduating class of the Culinary Institute of Llambda Phi Community Academy
Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary.

Fleet Command
End Transmission

PirateLord Eric Wethington:
Commander of the 1st CAP Light Recon Fleet stationed at ShoShuShen station, Eastern Front Sector
Captain of the Privateer Longbow "Jimi-Saru"
Captain of the Privateer Brigantine "Fulminate" and 59th Pirate Fighter wing "The Reapers"

Charter Member of the Eastern Front online group (PirateLord)

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