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It looks like drone damage was redone in 2.7.5 when torpedo modification was reintroduced.

artemis.ini contains

; ----------------------- Drone Data --------------------------------
; SETTING: droneSpeed
; USE: speed of a torgoth drone
; ACCEPTABLE: positive value, around 2-3

; SETTING: droneDamageTorgoth
; USE: damage caused by a torgoth drone. Internally, this value is multiplied by the port power of the torgoth launcher.
; ACCEPTABLE: positive value, around 1

; SETTING: droneDamageSkaraan
; USE: damage caused by a Skaraan drone.
; ACCEPTABLE: positive value, around 1   (I'm assuming this is a cut-and-paste typo from above)

; SETTING: droneDamageSegmentCount
; USE: against player ships, this is the number of times a drone will cause internal damage
; ACCEPTABLE: positive value, 1-10

and vesseldata.xml contains these lines from the Torgoth ships:

Torgoth Goliath
<drone_port x="0" y="-10" z="0" damage="30.0" cycletime="20.0" range="7000"/>
Torgoth Leviathan
<drone_port x="0" y="-10" z="0" damage="30.0" cycletime="20.0" range="7000"/> (same as Goliath)
Torgoth Behemoth
<drone_port x="0" y="-10" z="0" damage="30.0" cycletime="15.0" range="7000"/> (faster reload time)

When taken together it's clear that Skaraans that happen to have the Drone special/elite ability do 40 damage.  Torgoth seem to now do [30x1.3=] 39 damage.  I'm assuming that drone damage is not affected by Difficulty like Beams or else this would get silly.  Also note that drones are slightly slower (2.7) than TSN torpedoes (3.0).  And finally, drones now do more hull damage per hit, based on the droneDamageSegmentCount setting (defaults to 4 segments).

Has anyone observed what the cycletime is for Skaraans now?  I'd guess the range is the same, but am not sure.

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You reminded me that I need to update the wiki.

This information should be readily available, but prior to Artemis 2.7.5 the damage for Homing torps was 20, the speed was 3.0, and the range was 5400.

Torgoth drones originally did 30 damage, with a (presumed) speed of 3.0, a range of 5000, and a recharge time of 30 seconds. This was taken from the drone_port value in vesselData. The stats of a Skaraan drone were unknown, since they appeared to be hardcoded, but were assumed to be the same as a Torgoth drone.

Yes, damage was not proportional to difficulty, and I'm assuming this has not changed.

So, as of 2.7.5, Homing torps do 5 more damage, giving 2 torps 50 damage instead of 40. I assume that Homing torps still damage only 1 system node when used against a player ship in PvP. I should probably test PShocks and see if they do system damage now. They didn't in 2.7.

As you noted, Torgoth drones now do 9 more damage, but move 0.3 slower. Range has been increased to 7000 units, giving them much longer range than a player torp. Recharge time is also faster. Skaraan drone damage is now spelled out, so we know it is the same as Torgoth damage, counting the damage increase. It's interesting that Thom changed the damage by modifying the artemis.ini multiplier and not vesselData, but it was probably easier to test the balance of his change by editing one number instead of dozens. AFAIK, there are not yet any drones that do a different amount of damage, but that potential exists.

Skaraan recharge time is probably the same as before. I'll note that Skaraans are unusual because their specials are handled by a special AI that "switches" between specials. This could, in practice, slow down the drone launch rate. (For instance, if a Skaraan is cloaking a lot, or Jumping, it could not fire a drone. I don't know if this will delay when it CAN fire a drone, though)

I'm intrigued by the fact that drones now damage more than 1 system node. I'm pretty sure that I tested this before, and confirmed that drones only damaged 1 node. The fact that they damage 4 now should make them MUCH more dangerous. Note that any amount of Beam damage, no matter how high, will only destroy one system node. An enemy ship has to either fire a number of beams, or you have to have a lot of enemies firing at you to take a large amount of system damage.

You probably know how fast a Nuke can destroy your ship. That's because while the Nuke does 160 damage, it does it in 100 hits of 1.6 damage. That will tear through the system nodes of your ship. 😃 Drones aren't that bad, but just damaging 4 nodes will be a big threat if your shields are down.

BTW, I'm pretty sure I noticed that the Torgoth base's drone also has a 7000 range. I don't remember if it's recharge rate went up from 30 to 20. I'm assuming the damage modifier in artemis.ini will effect it. (And it should do the same damage to 4 system nodes)

UPDATE: According to the change log, these changes were introduced in 2.7.2. It states that "skaraans launch drones more quickly, from slightly farther away.  Other ships with drone launchers are similarly adjusted." So apparently the Torgoth were changed to be consistent with the Skaraans, NOT the other way around. It's also possible that drone speed has always been 2.7. 

In addition, Torgoth bases now fire drones every 9 seconds. Their 15 sec fire rate was transferred to the Behemoth, which was originally 30 seconds like everyone else. So the Behemoth now has a base drone launcher, while the base is even faster. 😃 

The Command Base's launcher is unchanged. Not sure if that should be considered an oversight. 


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Drones aren't that bad, but just damaging 4 nodes will be a big threat if your shields are down.

Yeah, that gives you a little more incentive to save a beam shot for the drones, even if your shields are down.
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