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*Psssst* Hey, you... ever hear of Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia?

Ever want to go, but couldn't quite justify paying for a badge 'cause you weren't too sure about it?

Or maybe you've considered hosting Artemis events for a large convention but didn't quite know how to get started?

Are you...
  • Free during Labor Day weekend?
  • Living near or in metro Atlanta, Georgia?
  • Willing to volunteer to run an Artemis Spaceship Bridge for these awesome fans in exchange for a full-convention pass to Dragon Con? 
Then listen up!

What you'll do:

Volunteer 5+ hours each day during the convention weekend (Thursday thru Monday afternoon), dedicated to the Artemis Bridge rooms.

You'll be on a team of 6+ fellow Artemis fans: we need friendly, customer-focused folks, comfortable in front of fellow gamers and geeks. The team will sell tickets, check in players, provide hints during play, and perhaps even Captain and GM missions.

Previous years we've sold out by Friday night; what can we say, we're kind of a big deal!

What you'll get: a full-weekend membership badge, which gets you into all standard events at Dragon Con as any other attendee.

For our Artemis team, I reimburse parking/transit/Uber, and any meals taken during duty shift (sometimes we'll have it delivered/picked up for the room).

You don't need to bring any bridge gear. We've got that lined up.

Oh, and did you see the little detail above, new this year... Artemis. Bridge. ROOMS! We have TWO bridge rooms this year! 

The rooms are side-by-side with a door between, and will be networked for a few missions each day, for sweet Bridge vs. Bridge combat!

PM me, reply here, or email to get more details.

Visit us at

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There are times I really wish I didn't live so far away!



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Moving to a different thread - realized I was kinda hijacking this one....Sorry!
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