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If you have never been to Dragon Con, it's difficult to define.

This year, 77,000 attendees flooded downtown Atlanta, with tracks and events spanning 5 hotels and the America's Mart. We hosted our LTE Bridge event in "Full Convention" layout, including a pipe+drape backdrop, updated splash lighting, and many, many touchscreens.

We opened Friday morning signups at 9AM sharp. By Friday afternoon, all 50+ mission slots were full through to Monday afternoon!

We didn't charge extra this year: it was complimentary with the price of any convention entry badge. However, there were some crews we could have charged admission to watch, like these guys:

This couple asked if we could bring the bridge to their wedding: so our next outing could be a celebration of geeky matrimony!

Then it happened: the pinnacle of "is this REALLY HAPPENING," as I'm giving the crash course orientation "speech" to a new crew... Anyone recognize the captain/sovereign there? 

That's Richard Garriott de Cayeux. Lord British of Ultima fame. Collector. PRIVATE ASTRONAUT! 

*mic drop*

*picks up mic* Oops, sorry about that. Will post operational AAR later.

*re-drops mic*

Visit us at

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Very cool! how long were your missions? I am interested in hearing how you set up logistics.

-Captain of the TSN Gungnir JN-001
-Eastern Front online group member
-My continuing bridge build:
Mike Substelny

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Congratulations on this ultimate experience.
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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