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Given the time, equipment, and travel expense, I think charging for it is fair.  At the simplest, the hotel, gas and wear and tear on laptops should get covered by all this.

I think I sense you are reluctant to charge people, and certainly don't want to gouge their wallets.  But I think some compensation is fair, heck think of your staff who just spent 4 exhausting long days working for free.

Here's some ways to look at the math.
You had 50 ,missions, with minimum 6 players, so that's 50 times 6 tickets (300).  At $10/ticket, that's $3,000 which sounds like a lot....

If all 6 PCs died, you could spend $500*6 to replace them from a rushed trip to Best Buy.  Meaning your entire take just covered equipment risk.

You had 3 employees working at least 8 hours a day for 4 days, let's say for $10/hour.  That's 3x8x4x10=$960

Hotel was probably at least $100/night and you might have needed 2 rooms for your staff, so that's 100x2x4=$800

I know the experience was worth it and all that, but everybody's got bills to pay, and running your bridge for 4 days is a job and is a lot more taxing than hosting a party for friends. 

Now obviously, once you start charging (here's the other side of the equation), you'll have customer complaints, payment issues (plastic or cash), taxes to report, money to protect from thieves.

You've also got scheduling considerations.  if you have an online scheduler, you could be booked solid before you even arrive at the convention.  Shutting out foot traffic who hasn't heard about the game.  Granted, that online scheduler might take care of credit card payment handling, but there was some value from having people walk by and discover the game and sign up, which might not be as feasible at a big convention if it sells out.  Show up to play has some merit.


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Originally Posted by LawsonThompson

We were in Solo invasion mode at those settings; no script. We'd tweak the skill level between 3 and 5 depending on the confidence of the crew. Higher difficulty increases the enemy count and once you hit level 6 or so with Artemis v2.4+ you'll find it gets rather overwhelming if you're not a well-experienced crew.

Note that the Dreadnaught ship has 2 fighter bays: take on level 4 or 5 in a Light Cruiser without fighters and just 2 torpedo tubes, and you're in for a scramble.

One thing I found: the "Monsters" are distracting at a convention. At our previous con, a late-night somewhat inebriated captain decided that the main goal was to "nuke the dragon!" At at Dragon Con, we tried one with monsters set to "few" and found that a swarm of piranha can eat a base very quickly. Ouch!

For large cons where there are less likely to be repeat players, I think I'll be writing my own scripts to keep things consistent. Not sure if I'll go all Game Master-y on it though.

Thanks for stopping in! Maybe see you next year?

Thanks for the details on what you were running!  Sounds great.  I'm going to run similar then, as we're all still noobs and we're adding some people even more inexperienced in this sort of thing.

We're looking forward to giving this a go.  Our group is primarily roleplayers, so the desire to Run a game under the Gamemaster mode is something we want to eventually make happen. 
The idea of running a space campaign, and then using Artemis for the in-the-ship part of the game....  I'm anxious to get some experience so we can try that out.

Thanks again for the awesome experience there at the Con!  You're setup was most excellent.

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It looks like you are writing the book on how to run a Con bridge... and I know I am not the only one taking notes.  Thank you for sharing what you have learned.
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I and most of my crew are going to Dragon Con in 2017.  I would like to offer to help out in both labor and equipment.  The TSN-Hyperion is built to travel so I'd love to bring it down if the space is available.  

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