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Hi All! There used to be a downloadable version of the PHP site available but as the site was updated this one is out of date.  This is a special use during cons or school events where there is no internet access to

Is there a new downloadable version location?


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Oh, wow. I made this site, but I never put it up on that URL.
My own server went down after I moved (I hosted it from my NAS at home) and someone must have uploaded it after that.
Nice to see that it lived on [smile]

Here is my latest version of the source code (it was available for download while it was still up):

The map is most likely not up to date, since it was made for TSN 4.1.
I didn't check if the version on the URL you posted has been updated for newer versions.

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I did check and the version on 1sws is definitely newer( though it still says 4.1)! Do we have a contact to ping to see if that code could be archived up?

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*Google-Fu kicks in, plus forum slogging...*

I'm thinking 1SWS.COM is owned/operated by "Fish Evans" here on the forums.

Visit us at
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