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Hi All! There used to be a downloadable version of the PHP site available but as the site was updated this one is out of date.  This is a special use during cons or school events where there is no internet access to

Is there a new downloadable version location?


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Oh, wow. I made this site, but I never put it up on that URL.
My own server went down after I moved (I hosted it from my NAS at home) and someone must have uploaded it after that.
Nice to see that it lived on [smile]

Here is my latest version of the source code (it was available for download while it was still up):

The map is most likely not up to date, since it was made for TSN 4.1.
I didn't check if the version on the URL you posted has been updated for newer versions.

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I did check and the version on 1sws is definitely newer( though it still says 4.1)! Do we have a contact to ping to see if that code could be archived up?

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*Google-Fu kicks in, plus forum slogging...*

I'm thinking 1SWS.COM is owned/operated by "Fish Evans" here on the forums.

Visit us at

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Hi Cervantez, I hope you don't mind that we carried on using what you created. Fish picked it up and made it available to the TSN RP group after you initially showed it to us. Fish gave me access and I have been updating it with new sector maps and then with new systems. I also added a link to a separate copy with more info for Intelligence officers about things not known to regular bridge officers while they are planning future missions.

When the list of systems became too big, Starry (TSN RP and USN) helped out with splitting the drop-down into multiple pages and also making the map click through systems to bring up the map without going through the drop down. We have recently added new systems and I am about to revise the Gate-Net map.

Many thanks for creating this useful tool. Most Science Officers have it open during sector spanning missions and everyone has it open during briefings and planning sessions.

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