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Took me some time to set it up and online wasnt very much help, so i decided to chronicle my experience here for all. I have been messing around with LED lights for my set up and i essentially made a port and starboard nacelles, red alert sign, working on runningslights however they are replaced now by front led bar, however the LED strip is not smart LED so im waiting on order from china to  improve on my runnings lights ive also incorporated sounds and a rear strobe hidding behind the setup for when the ship takes damage.

Items Used

Enttec Open DMX USB to ethernet cable, which controls the lights.

Rear Strobe from Amazon 19.99

LED Light (non smart) should have gotton smart leds

DMX Controllers used

this one too
i also used this controller as well,  p.jpg   and this one too  411Xguw3QaL._SY90_.jpg 

and LED connector strips so i didn't have to soder. 412Er-Lqw7L._SY90_.jpg 
51lxHf0yyLL._SY90_.jpg  extra cable if you need it. and 12V adapters.

Light Diffuser rolls

Prtotype one - running LCARS 47 in the background for fun.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Second prototype
destroyed the first one and started over, also first prototype of nacelles
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Red Alert Sign
the red alert sign is custom frame with a single row of RgB LEDs so i can any color i want, so red blue and yellow alert the graphics is just printed on transperancy mounted behind copy paper and secured to to the frame with its own dmx controller. 


i later improved on the design nacells, used a light diffuser flim and mounted the led lights on 2 x2's also considers the tube option thats currently what im using for the front lower lights.

this would work also :

also order some custome stickers to use, and maybe to use for the bridge stations, if i decide to go that far. 

more to follow... live long and prosper.... 

early photos:: 20160721_010352.jpg

ore to follow as well as a game play video 

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Video Update, upgraded nacelles with diffuser film and rear strobe.


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Fascinating ! This is giving me a lot of ideas. Thanks !
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