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Angel of Rust

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Looks ambitious!

As a suggestion, consider separating the Arduino Mega from your custom board. In this particular case, I think a sturdy setup is possible mounting the mega and the custom board side-by-side, rotating the ICs, and moving the other header up. That would allow you to have a long, narrow PCB with the RJ45s on one side. The number of connections to the Mega headers are relatively few, so a small header on the custom board could be cleanly connected with a ribbon or a few bundled wires (wire management being the key to a sharp-looking final product in this case). I noted that you wanted everything mounted on one board, but a lot of efficiency seems to be lost in the backpack configuration. If it's all being mounted in an ATX case, you'll still have a good mounting back panel to work from.


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ou mean like this? 😉
Had the exact same thought!

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.06.17 PM.png 

Cut the price in Half. This way I can also use the mega as is, the ethernet shield as is, and a little more flexibility in where I put the mega and the jumper ----crap, forgot that one.
I want to put a 9th rj45 in the side to allow for the incoming ethernet connection to not have to run an actual cable from outside to inside the case. Have it connected on the board to another one that's internal, and use a short jumper to get to the Ethernet shield. Ooops.

There we go! Brought the price up a bit with the extra space needed, but not too bad. I'm estimating total cost including components to be under $25/board
Supply a mega and an ethernet shield for it and an ATX 24 pin power supply and you're almost all the way there. Receiver Boards (below) come in at about $3.50 each. Need one for each strip of lights you want to run. Each I/O cable (standard Cat5) can run a completely different effect, and carries the power for the light strip as well. I'll throw together a BOM for a complete set of 8 light units, 30 LEDs per strip

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 7.27.30 PM.png 
I think It will come in around a hundred bucks. So not super cheap, but the flexibility of effects is worth the price to me.


Angel of Rust

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Looking good. There is still some room to optimize, but I think you have cut down a lot of the extra PCB cost.
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