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The Light Cruiser MIDNIGHT is that last ship in the sector.  She's damaged, and the DamCons have taken casualties so are SLOWLY fixing things.  Out of ordnance and out of energy.  The KAT Hegemony {Kralien, Arvonian, Torgoth} has put up a heck of a fight!  All bases - destroyed! All friendly ships - destroyed!  But they have paid a heavy #ButchersBill, and are down to 1 last fighter which is gleefully buzzing MIDNIGHT and taking pot-shots. 

Will the MIDNIGHT survive? 

Yes!  The young engineer recalled something Professor Logan {between French classes} said at the Academy.  There are APC units on -board & they SLOWLY generate power!  MIDNIGHT is rigged to sit still and SLOWLY generate power for beams and shields.  the fighter dies, and the game is won! 

on TeamSpeak as GrayBeard {the Grim}  ;-) 
on Twitter as   @GrayberdTheGrim 

Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 
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