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We played with a group of five and I collected and aggregated feedback from each chair. I don't necessarily agree to all the points, but I promised to relay them as they were given.


- We played for the first time and had to dial the difficulty to 9 to get a decent challenge. Difficulty levels 1-5 could be linear and then 5->6, 6->7, 7->8.. should more or less double the challenge. Some suggestions: 6: some enemies are cloaked, 7: enemies fire EMP, 8: enemies fire nuke (detonates if fired upon), 9: enemies coordinate attacks on two bases at same time, 10: large enemy ships maintain more than one nuke range from each other and fire at missiles to destroy them (nukes detonate if fired upon), 11: some enemies can warp near player and fire nuke at player ship (leaving barely enough time to flee)

- Map screen should have a button for highlighting your ship with a blinking circle [smile]

- Ditch the whales, they’re pointless.(this is only my personal opinion/mikka)

- Fighter escorts. Artemis needs NPC fighter escorts.


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Not everyone is as gifted as your crew when they first play. I do agree though, the earlier levels are too easy. I find that a level 8 or 9 is a decent warm up with 10 being a bit of a challenge at times. 11 is still nigh on impossible for the first 10-15 minutes, then it relaxes and becomes tremendously easier. As for your suggestions, 6: there are some already. Skaraans have cloaking devices. 7: that would make harder difficulties litterally impossible... not even kidding. Boot up a level 10 with enemy systems at 200%. 8: see previous statement. 9: this already does happen. They might not arrive at EXACTLY the same moment, but the enemies don't all go for the same base. It's kinda up to luck as to how closely timed the attacks are though. 10: see 7 for the nukes. for the enemies being able to shoot down missiles, some Skaraans can. 11: Once again, some Skaraans can warp for limited ammounts of time. Also, see 7 again for the nukes.

That would be handy [smile]

Ditch the whales? *locks on to your ship and launches nuke* DONT YOU EVER TALK SMACK ABOUT MY WHALES! Me and the Professor Dr. Roel have studied the whales extensively. (seriously though, they add another thing to look at in the game and can actually be interesting in custom maps and role playing scenerioes).

Fighter escorts were essentially allied destroyers back in 1.702. They did next to no damage at all, but now they hit HARD. There has been a custom map made that lets the Artemis control 2 fighter squadrons from the Science console. I agree it would be awesome to have these in the game itself though.

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