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I am thinking about developing apps for gaming but I do not have idea how I start.
Anybody help me?

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Moving to Off Topic, since it isn't about Artemis Development.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Wow. This isn't a small question, is it?

First of all, what kind of app are you talking about? Do you want to write an app for Android or Apple phones? Or are you interested in something more suitable for the PC? Do you want a simple little page based display program based on a web browser? Or do you want complex 3D graphics and pseudo-realistic simulation?

First of all, if you have no experience as a programmer whatsoever, I would advise that you start small. Write a web page or work with scripting (both javascript and so called "batch files" on your favorite OS) instead of starting out with a full blown program. You will need to learn HTML and CSS to write any kind of modern program anyway, so the experience won't be wasted.

You might want to step up to Java after that. Java has many of the features of more advanced programming, but it is more web based, and it is interpreted instead of compiled. So it's easier to experiment with and debug. You can embed it in a web page, at which time your browser will run it, or write a standalone program.

If you want to write for Android or iOS, you'll want to download an IDE, or integrated development environment for that system. I know nothing about iOS at this time, but for Android there is either Eclipse or Android Studio, the official IDE created by Google. I have found Android Studio very powerful and functional. I like Eclipse, but for some reason when I tried to use it with Android it broke badly.

An IDE will basically guide you through the steps of building your program, designing the user interface (which is usually in XML, HTML, or something like that) and the underlying code. You can drag and drop objects onto the screen and the initial code will be written for you, which is a real timesaver. Depending on how simple your game is, you can often just build it that way, just like you would write a Word document or use a Paint program.

If you want to write for PC, I recommend either Eclipse, or Visual Studio. Eclipse can also be used with Java, so that's a great place to start. Visual Studio will allow you to write in either C# or Visual Basic, and you can create very powerful programs. You can also write in ASP.NET, which is a programming interface that you can use to write extremely powerful programs for the Web and networking. ASP.NET is often used to write plug-ins to Artemis.

If you do have experience in programming, branch out. As I said, if you don't have any HTML experience, do some research. It'll come in handy on a lot of projects. You can probably pick up somewhere on that timeline of JavaScript to Java to Visual Basic to C#. You're probably already familiar with an IDE, so look into Revision Control and hosting your project on GitHub.

I'll note that when I first started programming, it was in Basic on the Commodore 64. You had to build your user interface from scratch, by poking data into locations in memory. [biggrin] I would advise starting out like I did, by playing with it and experimenting. Just start with what you want to write, and in which language you want to write it, and do a Google search for some tutorials that will show you how to get started. There are a lot of simple game tutorials out on the Web, from dice games that simulate dice rolls to a port of Space Invaders. That should give you some ideas.

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Thanks for sharing your information.
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