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Thought I would create a seperate topic for this.  While I am waiting for my controllers to come in, I have been thinking of what I can put the LED's in to defuse the light and make cool looking effects for my bridge.

Just ran across this on YouTube and thought it was very cost effective.

And here is a link to the tubing.

From what I can see from the video, I think it does a great job of defusing the LEDs and it appears to be very cost effective.  A lot cheaper than buying florescent light fixtures.



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That's not a bad idea! I've heard people had good luck with wax paper in otherwise clear tubes as well - 3 to 5 layers tend to diffuse pretty decently (and may come out cheaper than $2/ft). On the other hand, this tubing may diffuse sufficiently without adding much, which would be less fussy. Let us know if you try it out!
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Nice find! Looks like a pretty good all in one light solution. I may be looking at that when I build my permanent lights.

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