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I am currently running the game on a Windows Server 2012 system, using this as the main server.  In the future (read: once I get my friends involved), I would like to use this as a hub for all of the systems at once.  The problem I have is this the server utilizes onboard video on the nVidia 750a chipset.  The server crashes during high GPU usage, such as when there are multiple enemies or several objects on the screen.  I do not currently have any plans to add a discrete GPU to the system, as this would defeat the purpose of the server as a low power processing and storage platform.

My question is this:  is it possible to utilize the server as just that--the server?  Does this have to show the main screen?  Is it possible to offload the GPU needs of the server to another console and have that show the main screen?

P.S.  Also, sorry if this is not the correct location for this post!

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At this time I don't believe the Artemis executables have a headless server setup.

Couldn't you just add a $20 discrete card to it?


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I certainly could, but won't since this is meant to be a file server.  Actually, it turns out the problem was not the server, or even Artemis.  It was a mod that had been loaded.  Downloaded the mod again, problem went away.

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Is there something similar to Linux's XVFB?

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The problem is, even if there is a mechanism for just "eating" the graphical output from the game like Xvfb, it would still spend CPU cycles computing the scene that would have been displayed. You'd also still need to be able to set up the mission and click "Start." If Artemis had command-line parameters to do that stuff for your automagically, that would be awesome, but it doesn't.

Thom, if you happen to be reading this: We'd really, really like to be able to:
  • use command-line parameters to launch a pre-configured server setup
  • start the game from a client (helm, for example) instead of having to hit start from the server
  • allow the server to run the game without having to be the main viewscreen

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I've just setup a pc to be the server that didn't have any attached input devices but had UltraVNC ports enabled so I could remotely control the PC from a tablet.
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