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I've tried looking for the information in the .ini and vesselData.xml but can't find anything.

What's the reload cycle duration for torpedoes? Phasers have reload cycles and effectively torpedoes also need a certain time to be loaded into a tube. But how long?

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Loading a torpedo tube takes 15 seconds. Assuming you don't have to unload a tube, therefore, you can fire one torpedo per tube every 15 seconds. Typically, Weapons will load and fire all available tubes simultaneously, so a Light Cruiser can fire 2 torps every 15 seconds, a Dreadnought can fire 3 torps every 15 seconds, and a Missile Cruiser can fire 4 torps every 15 seconds.

Increasing power to Torpedoes decreases their reload rate. So at 300% power (risking overheat) a Missile Cruiser could fire a whopping 4 torpedoes every 5 seconds! [biggrin]

Fighters have no reload cycle, and can fire missiles as fast as you can press the button. At least until their stock of 3 missiles are gone.

Off Topic wasn't really the place for this post, you could have posted it in the Help forum. Hopefully, a helpful Moderator will move it. [biggrin]

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Thanks! [smile]

I knew about the energy distribution for engineering and how this affects systems. I just wasn't sure about the base value for torpedo reload cycles.

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Originally Posted by ryleyra
Hopefully, a helpful Moderator will move it. [biggrin]

We do what we can!

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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