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1. As MarkBell said, skybox is a 6 picture cube that serves as the background. The game takes place inside the skybox "cube."

2. You can have lots of installations. On my laptop that I do my mod work on, I have installations for each of different mods. Your different installations will only be able to "talk" to each other if they have the same mods, though... an instance with WSD Mod can't talk to an instance of PLEX mod.

3. Depending on the mod, you only need it on the server. If a client tries to do visibility, or you run mainscreen on a client, they'll show the vanilla files, while the server shows the modded files. If, however, it's a mod that adds ship types (WSD for example), you'll need to put the files on each computer.


I'll spend some time poking around looking for models and see what I can locate. Who knows, it might be easier than I think.

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The WSD Mod Graphics Only file seems to have a few... extras. There are 500MB of TGA files, which I assume are you source material?

There are also a lot of ~DXS files (tilde prefix) which look a bit unreferenced and lonely!

Looking forward to giving this one a go, especially the skyboxes! VERY nice work!

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Thanks for pointing that out. The Targas aren't necessary and I'll remove them from my install package. You're right, they are the source material.

I'm not sure where those tilde dxs files come from. I've seen them show up, but I don't know why. Anyone computer savvy that can explain that to me?

Anyway, didn't realize the install had so much dead weight. I'll clean it up and replace the current one in the next few days.

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I finally got around to cleaning up the extra .tga files in the WSD Graphics Only Mod.

Also fixed an issue with the PLEX mod (was crashing the client due to some missing lines in the artemis.ini file).

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regarding the steampunk mod, here is a bit of inspiration for you.

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Also, The Sketchup website has some steampunk 3d models. Are these something that could be used?

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Tried running the Graphics Only MOD but the server hung each time we started a session. The menu worked fine up until the point of pressing ready to play.

Is there any way to get logs out for why this might happen? Normal copy plays fine. Version is 2.4

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looking forward to 2.5 updates on these mods
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