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I'm creating different points in space that can be scanned to learn info critical to the mission.  So I'm creating generic meshes and then using set_text_properties to give them scan details.

But I'm throwing errors unless I put in a mesh and texture, but I want them to be effectively invisible and I want to use vanilla Artemis (for the scripting competition), so no new vessels.

I tried this:
<create type="genericMesh" x="48151.0" y="0.0" z="39942.0" angle="0" name="Black Hole Scan" meshFileName="dat\starBox.dxs" textureFileName="dat\black32.png" colorRed="1.0" colorGreen="0.0" colorBlue="1.0" />

Do folks have recommendations for "invisible" meshes and which mesh and textures to use?

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Yes. Create a tiny asteroid:

<create type="genericMesh" x="50000.0" y="0.0" z="50000.0" name="Black Hole Scan" meshFileName="dat\asteroid.dxs" textureFileName="dat\asteroidTexture.png" colorRed="1.0" colorGreen="0.0" colorBlue="1.0" />
<set_object_property property="artScale" value="0.001" name="Black Hole Scan" />
<set_object_property property="pushRadius" value="0.0" name="Black Hole Scan" />

At that art scale, it's too small to see. Even if you can see it, Artemis already populates the main view with tiny asteroids as you fly around, so it won't be noticed. 

It is difficult to hide a generic mesh completely... you can try to set the color on the mesh to match the dark blue background of the Science console, but it may still show up as a little black circle. There's also a bug in the code that will randomly change the color of the circle/name of the mesh to white, pink, red, etc. You can name the mesh to " " or a series of spaces if you want to hide the name. 

Note that you can turn generic meshes into "toggle" switches by using the scan_level = 1. Once the player scans the mesh, destroy it and recreate the same mesh in the same spot. This resets the scan level to "0", so you can basically use those meshes as "buttons" for Science to trigger things. (This isn't entirely perfect, as the ship can change the scan level of certain things by flying closer or by launching a probe.)


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Thank you, that works. 

For something more visible, I used the starBox.dxs mesh and the HUD_LONG_HEX_128.png texture.

<create type="genericMesh" x="96168.0" y="0.0" z="96745.0" angle="45" name="box-HUD" meshFileName="dat\starBox.dxs" textureFileName="dat\HUD_LONG_HEX_128.png" />

It gives a very visible marker on the map if you need something more visible.

HUD Box.png 


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Darrin, I like the idea of creating scan points as Science console "buttons".  I've been thinking how great it would be to have Comms-style custom buttons for every console -- at least this gets us one more.  I'm adding that to my bag of tricks.
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